Alcohol Suspected in Crush Fatality

At approximately midnight, a worker was attempting to repair a leak in a hydraulic cylinder of a newly installed washer in a commercial laundry plant.

Leaning under the machine, he attempted to unhook a hydraulic hose, which was connected to the system that held the machine up. As soon as it was disconnected, the machine crashed down on him, pinning his head and upper torso and killing him immediately.

His co-workers unsuccessfully attempted to jack up the machine and then called for emergency assistance.

A thorough examination of the offending washing machine was undertaken and it was found to be completely free from any structural defects. As well, there is a clear warning posted on the back of the machine indicating three safety measures to implement prior to commencing any repairs.

An investigation revealed that none of these safety precautions were in place at the time of the incident. As well, there was evidence to indicate that the workers involved were consuming alcohol in the hours prior to the fatal event.

It is not known why the victim did not adhere to the specified warnings before commencing work on this machine. He may have been tired from working a long shift and anxious to complete the final adjustments and go home.

It is likely that since it was reported that he had been consuming alcohol in the hours prior to the fatal event that his judgment was impaired by the consumption of alcohol.