Dec 2 – Are You Unsure Of & Feeling Pressure to Act on Vaccine Mandates?

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Access legal guidance to protect your employees and business in light of the new Federal OSHA vaccine mandates.

In September, President Biden asked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to write rules that would require companies with more than 100 employees to mandate coronavirus vaccinations or weekly testing. But with OSHA fast-tracking the rule-making process which could take several more weeks, the White House is urging companies to act now.

Almost daily, there are reports of large employers implementing mandates, while many others have yet to issue broad requirements.

Employers continue to be worried about losing employees and managing the cost and complexity of vaccinate-or-test mandates, especially as we run-up to the holiday season.

OSHA is working on the time-consuming process of writing standards that pass legal muster. More than likely, the standards will be challenged in various courts once it is handed down.

Find out:

  • Do independent contractors count toward the 100-employee threshold?
  • Who will pay for testing? Companies? The government? The unvaccinated?
  • Will vaccine mandates include boosters, if approved?

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  • Legal briefing from Littler Mendelson P.C. experts
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  • Access to a recording to share within your organization
  • An OSHA vaccine workbook containing a model policy template, checklists, model communications, and other tools to help with your implementation
  • 30-days access to SafetyNow ILT where you can download instructor-led safety training resources, tools, and more to keep your employees safe during and beyond this pandemic