Ice Plant Cited for 20 Alleged Serious Violations Issued $90,000 in Proposed Penalties

OSHA inspected an ice manufacturer and issued citations for 20 alleged serious violations, many of which targeted deficiencies with the plant’s process safety management (PSM) program. Among other problems, OSHA says employees were not informed about the plant’s PSM plan, there was no means of verifying employees’ PSM training and there was a lack of proper procedures to manage process changes. Other hazards being alleged include forklift issues (including loading a forklift weighing almost 7,000 pounds into a 4,000-pound-capacity elevator), inadequate or unmarked emergency exit routes, unguarded, open-sided floors and the use of an electric heater in a battery charging area.

[Arctic Glacier Inc., Fairport, NY. Release number 08-678-NEW/BOS 2008-151, May 21, 2008]