Renewing EHS Practices for Strategic Impact

Date: July 8, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM EDT

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What distinguishes companies that do well in EHS from those that don’t? Is it the tool that they use or is it the attitude of the leadership?

The most dangerous outcome of unstructured EHS management is the health and wellbeing of employees. In this webinar, we want to take a look at that as well as the overall strategic dangers to a business due to poor EHS management. This webinar will show you how to leverage EHS function to shape strategy, boost productivity, and drive innovation!

You will see how If the right measurement processes and tools are in place, you can ensure that your EHS teams are capturing essential and insightful data in a more structured and streamlined way. And, how teams can be empowered to be more innovative and to perform better due to enhanced communication and transparency.

Join us on this webinar and hear us discuss the steps leading companies can take to ensure their EHS strategies are robust, power-packed, and are being executed by teams throughout their operations.