Safety Violations Cited Following Diver’s Drowning in Paris, TX

OSHA opened an investigation after a diver drowned as a result of a lifeline becoming entangled in the water pump of a 500,000 gallon in-ground water tank. OSHA cited the company for willful failure to conduct a safety and health assessment for surface and underwater conditions when planning diving operations and failure to brief dive team members of any hazards or environmental conditions that may affect the safety of the diving operation. Serious violations alleging entry into a confined space without verification that it was safe for entry; failure to ensure that the supervisor verified all tests were conducted and that all equipment and procedures were in place in accordance with confined space requirements; and failure to develop and document procedures for the control of potential hazardous energy, were also cited. Proposed penalties total $64,000.

[International Diving Services, Arlington, TX. Release number OSHA 08-1656-DAL, Nov. 10, 2008]