Sauerkraut Maker Cited for 16 Alleged Safety Violations Issued $41,400 in Proposed Fines

OSHA says an inspection conducted under its Site Specific Targeting Plan found numerous instances of unguarded machinery; no hazardous energy control program, training and equipment to prevent the accidental start-up of machinery; unguarded live electrical parts; improper storage of compressed gas cylinders and fall hazards related to a lack of fall protection, inadequate ladder safety, uncovered floor openings and unguarded open-sided work platforms and stairways. Other alleged hazards include no confined space training program for employees whose duties involve entering sauerkraut tanks; no hearing conservation program for employees exposed to excessive noise levels and a lack of training in fire extinguisher use and hazards associated with early stage firefighting.

[Great Lakes Sauerkraut Co. LLC., Shortsville, NY. Release number 09-175-NEW/BOS 2009-046, Feb. 24, 2009].