Slips, Trips & Falls Training Kit


The third leading cause of unintentional injury-related death is falls. In 2016, 34,673 people died in falls at home and at work, according to Injury Facts for working adults, depending on the industry, falls can be the leading cause of death.

In 2016, 697 workers died in falls to a lower level, and 48,060 were injured badly enough to require days off of work. A worker doesn’t have fall from a high level to suffer fatal injuries; 134 workers were killed in falls on the same level in 2016, according to Injury Facts. Construction workers are most at risk for fatal falls from height – more than seven times the rate of other industries – but falls can happen anywhere, even at a “desk job.”

NSC data for 2016 includes falls from height and falls on the same level, by industry:

• Construction: 24,700 injuries, 384 deaths

• Manufacturing: 22,040 injuries, 49 deaths

• Wholesale trade: 10,250 injuries, 21 deaths

• Retail trade: 29,830 injuries, 29 deaths

• Transportation and Warehousing: 23,490 injuries, 46 deaths

• Professional and business services: 22,090 injuries, 111 deaths

• Education and health services: 43,660 injuries, 18 deaths

Government: 63,350 injuries, 44 deaths