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The proven tools in SafetyNow ILT make it simple to consistently make every safety meeting more engaging. No wonder that our members find their training is 60% more consistent, 52% more effective, and experience a 35% reduction in their accident & incident rates in their first year.

With SafetyNow ILT you get:

  • Safety Expert Guidance: Get unlimited access to our safety professionals. From special reports to training videos, infographics and step-by-step gameplans, our experts are here 24/7 to help.

  • Training Videos and Meeting Kits: Get access to hundreds of training videos that boost your safety meetings. Plus, tailored meeting kits with training reinforcement materials like quizzes, games, and fatality files.

  • Ready-To-Use Tools: Instead of scouring public databases for old training content, you can utilize the resource library and build a safety meeting in a single click. We give you the safety talk, power point, and video – all customizable to your organization.

70% of traditional safety training is lost after 24 hours. Our training has an 8X higher retention rate than any other online training. Deliver the right training to your employees, no matter where they are, what device they use or how tech-savvy they are – Get Started Today!

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Save Time & Improve Efficiency

SafetyNow ILT makes it easy to prep and deliver an engaging safety meeting in less time and with less effort. In fact, our members report saving over 175 hours in their first year alone. What would you do with an extra 4.5 weeks of time?

Build a Safety Culture

Access accurate & compliant instructor-led training materials at the click of a button – on any safety topic – and find out what our members are reporting… that SafetyNow’s training materials are over 10x more effective and 57% more engaging. What’s more, its customized for your industry!

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