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« SafetyNow is by far the most engaging and exciting safety training I have ever come across!  »

- Henry Symenak.

« SafetyNow is by far the most engaging and exciting safety training I have ever come across!  »

- Henry Symenak.


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Learn how SafetyNow ILT makes your safety training more effective and engaging.

Resource Library

The Largest Safety Training Resource Library.

With a SafetyNow ILT membership, you get unlimited access to the largest online library of compliant safety meeting kits and additional tools you need to deliver an engaging safety meeting on any topic. You’ll find hundreds of safety talks, stats & facts, fatality reports, puzzles, games, safety checklists and more that you can download and implement into your training plan right away.

Safety Meeting Kits

Ready-to-Use Safety Meeting Kits that Exceed Industry Standards.

Over 80% of organizations in North America still opt for an instructor-led safety training model. Whether it's from the back of a pickup or standing in the lunchroom - a five to ten-minute safety talk can be effective. Save time and money with SafetyNow ILT, by quickly downloading your entire meeting kit from the thousands of compliant kits available. Each kit contains your safety talk, quiz and supplementary materials. Including voice over video, just press play! You don't have to stand in front of the room to deliver compliant and consistent safety training.


Mix Up Your Training with Safety Videos.

Still using safety videos on VHS or BETA? Maybe you upgraded to laserdisc? Even if you’re streaming safety videos, the majority of videos on the market were produced over 20 years ago - and besides not being compliant, they just look old and aren't effective. SafetyNow ILT has modern videos with high production value. They're compliant, deliver a strong safety message, and there are over 300 to choose from.


Got a Question? Ask an Expert.

Our experts are on-hand to answer any of your safety training questions. Want a taste of this feature? You can find answers to the most popular questions asked in our FAQs.

Training Plans

Customized, Instructor-Led Training Plans.

Our certified safety training experts have laid-out your safety training plan for the year, based on industry. Need more support? Our experts will review your existing plan to ensure it meets requirements, is effective and engaging.


Try our award-winning instructor-led safety training resources for 14-days, completely free, and see how we can help reduce your accidents and incident rates in less than 1 month! No obligations. Cancel anytime within the trial period.

I was losing my mind trying to figure out what to talk about and how to present safety meetings. It took me hours to come up with interesting and relevant content. Now, I can log in and have a topic in minutes. It has great topics and content. It has definitely saved time and has impacted the employees in a positive way - our accident rate is nearly nonexistent.»

Robin Welch, Health & Safety Representative, Index Energy Mills Road Corp.

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A Solution for Every Company

Our pricing strategy is simple - we'd rather spend our time building more compliant safety training solutions instead of complicated pricing models. Our safety software can be used to fulfill all of your internal training needs regardless if you have one hundred or one thousand employees.

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« ​Simply asking the worker whether he understands what you told him isn’t enough. A lot of times, workers will tell you that they understood what you said even if they didn’t, either because they don’t want to seem dumb or because they want to get training over with. Demonstrating the technique shows the worker how to perform it better than anything else »

— ​​​Expert Safety Consultant from Syracuse, NY